2142 leaderboard not updating georgie henley dating

20-Sep-2016 22:47

Those missing segment times are missing from the mini leaderboard on the activity page as well as the main segment leaderboard page.However, the times will appear when you filter by "My Results".I have tried the usual 2 different sandbox GC accounts to get the leaderboard working Even tried 4 different GC accounts each logging in on both the simulator (i OS 6.1) and device (i OS 6.0.1) Yet still no joy any suggestions - or is it just that the sandboxed gamecenter is far too buggy!!!I've topped my best time twice now with my Ultima in the standing mile and it's still stuck at 19.450 on the leaderboard. Still saying my best time is 19.450 and I'm still ranked 1,019. Also it looks that the NFSC LAN server is in the works as few guys discussed this on the forum. The PC version of the NFS Carbon (not sure about other platforms, but XBox 360 is probably also infected) ships with the same spyware technology as Battlefield 2142 shipped earlier this year.

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and took place in the near future, where the European Union and the Pan-Asian Coalition (which includes Russians) go to war over the last remaining resources on a desiccated planet Earth. If you’ve ever wished you could play it again, you can do so now.

Maybe it relies on uploading data to a PSN server, a Mojang server, who knows.

4Js vague statements about it suggest they don't handle it directly themselves.

But the thing is, that even on a super-fast LAN when the ppl are sitting next to each other, all the comms go through EA servers making the game really suck a lot. From what I've found out so far, the online play is very similar to NFS Underground's and this is where the old NFSU Server may come into play. See this quote from the readme file: This repack fixes an issue with using the 'Disable Fall Behind Time' option from our earlier release only worked during the first stage of a Canyon Race. We don't have an XBOX version of the game to test against, but this may be helpful to any XBox user out there. We at NFSZONE are a bit disappointed about the missing LAN Multiplayer and the absolutely none anti-cheat protection while playing online.

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These are just first thoughts, express your ideas on the topic in the NFS Carbon over LAN thread in the NFSC Forum. Head over to the NFSC Downloads section for this sweetie. Please share your experiences with this trainer on the NFSC Forum in the NFSC XBox Trainer thread. Hope the XBOX360 users will be saved from this problems.A lot of exciting projects are in the works, and you definitely want to...

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