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30-Jan-2016 04:08

5 years ago I called my now current supervisor and started asking him questions about the company, the department I am now in, its roles, responsibilities, challenges, and other pertinent information. We exchanged contact information, and I spoke with him one other time afterwards when I inquired about specific software that is used.

5 months later I received a call inviting me to apply and interview for the job. –Steve I’m a [your profession] who has worked with [name of warm contact] and I’m currently making time to develop my skills and focus on what’s really important in [profession] when it comes to hiring a [professional] for a project.

Now, members that are not in “Invisible” mode will receive a notification at the top of their screen for incoming chats.

Also, members can at any time click on the “View Chat Requests” banner above the “Ladies Online” list.

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If you'd like, I could chat with you and help you go about my group.

It is fairly simply, just have someone to chat with and you get your own chat room, where you can chat with that person without other people reading what you are chatting/ discussing about.

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I struggle to reply politely because I have a strong allergic reaction to this offensive phrase (reasons why at the bottom).

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