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Description: Ugly Duckling Yarn is a full-service yarn store in West Dover, Vermont.We offer quality yarns and notions, as well as local and Vermont-made products.More and more of us meet our partners online; either through shared interests, online communities, role-playing games, or the plethora of dating sites which promise to help us find our perfect match if we just answer a few simple questions.


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You can safely ignore “German Youth Protection”….unless you live in Germany!

Furthermore, this recent story on USA Today suggests that social media websites can be bad for our children, too; exposing them to cyberbullying, depression, and inappropriate content (although Facebook has recently added a ‘suicide-alert’ utility to help identify those who may be at risk).

So, if this is the case, we don’t we all just shut off our computers for good?

Now, Open DNS does not filter streaming videos such as You Tube and Netflix, but you can restrict those sites.

Open DNS only filters the Web that you access via your browser such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet explorer.

Open DNS HOME provides outstanding and detailed filtering of the World Wide Web in your home because it filters at the point that the Internet enters the home: Your gateway/router!