Android location manager not updating

18-Jun-2015 05:56

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I did some small test app to compare results; the Google Play API does even deliver more accurate results and usually has a slightly different location than using the native Android Location API.The location provider returned by Google Play is named "fused", so it's some internal plugin.After that I checked the location from our app and it said again that my location was at home.Regarding the Google Maps; I guess it is using the Google Play Location API.It's hard to provide much more information to that topic. ) tries to get position and, if detected timeout/no call to on Location Changed(), tries to capture the device system log?Regards, Oliver As reported by other users I've tested my application with Sony & HTC devices with Android 4.0.4/4.0.3 as well, The issue replicates and location updates to my registered listeners stop after 3-4 days itself.That's most probably the reason Google Maps is still reporting accurate results and does not update the "network" location provider as it simply not uses it.

(Does Google Map uses a special internal API for location?After some time (hours to days), Android (starting 4.1? Reboot fixes the issue and all apps seem to find the proper location again.Checking the providers' get Last Known Location()Time() shows it's very old data.For example today I was 50 kilometers from home but it said my location was at home.

Then I shut down WLAN and GPS and started Google maps and it showed correct location.

If there is no fix for this, then they should deprecate the request Location Updates method.