Bikerornot dating

04-Sep-2016 21:31

You can join any event if it’s opened for anyone and obviously you can create your own events as well to invite friends for meeting up.

Except those features you can visit store to buy awesome gadgets and clothes related to motorbikes and sell your machine if you feel like it.

In our opinion it should be some protection there but we are not sure about this.

Customer Service There’s no clear information about customer service here however as we mentioned before there’s FAQ section with answers for most of the questions you might have.

At the bottom of main page you can find FAQ section where you find all answers for possible questions about how the site works and how to start blogging here. Features Biker Or Not is not only about a biker dating site. In “Bike Garage” you can share pictures of your machine that you are riding and provide detailed information about it to make other people interested.

“Invite to Ride” is a powerful feature which includes some services such as “Create a Ride or Event”.

There’s a bunch of miniatures of member registered on this site and when you click on the image you can view this profile right away.

Not all biker dating websites are strictly about dating and finding serious commitment. Biker or Not acts like a social page for blogging, sharing passions and thoughts rather than dating but it’s strictly targeted to Bikers and Bike admires.

In fact Biker Or Not is site more created for social blogging than dating however it’s possible to find somebody special there. This is the main reason why this site is worth trying out because it has something new to offer.

Safety and Privacy We couldn’t find any statement if this site is safe or not.

There’s much information given there along with pictures of your motorbike and moments from your life.

However it doesn’t seem to be updating every few minutes.