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18-Jul-2015 09:05

Tan skin equates to spending more time outside, having more leisure time and being less susceptible to certain skin disorders.

The pigment in the skin of dark and brown haired people also tends to promote more even skin tone with less blotchiness.

Darker skin tones have a tendency to hide flaws while whiter skin sets off broken blood vessels, bruises and flushing of the skin and tan lines (think farmer’s tan, freckling and red necks).

When someone is sick, we refer to them as looking pale, though fake tans which glow orange or red or overly dark skin which hides facial features, and sun damaged skin, may all be turn offs rather than turn ons.

Stick to brown or black leather and wear dark socks with any dress shoe, never white and never sockless. Learn to play a musical instrument and play it well – it takes talent to read music as well as the ability to keep a beat, which is equated with intelligence (ability to follow directions and pay attention to where you are at in a piece) and athleticism (good timing and coordination).

Musicians and singers also tend to attract a crowd and be popular, which is also an attractive trait. Be a good listener and know when to ask appropriate questions and when to remain silent.

No matter what your hair and skin color or physical build there are certain attractive features and traits that you can control and others than you cannot.1: Posture – you may not be six foot two with eyes of blue, but if you stand tall with shoulders back and gut tucked in, you can mimic the tough guy look with an air of confidence. Muscular – defined muscles and keeping your figure trim are sure fire ways to attract a woman.

Do not make jokes at the expense of others or put others down or be a practical joker though, as these qualities often mark you as childish and insensitive; not caring and intuitive. It is okay to wear sandals and board shorts if you are out working in the yard or at the beach, but when you go on a date, you need to wear stylish, yet practical footwear with well fitting clothes.If you have a narrow nose, big ears, close set, small eyes or a pointy chin or large brow, you may have less success with women than someone with more evenly matched features.