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People with disabilities will receive 0 (£292) more under the scheme, and individuals who earn less than ,000 (£13,000) a year after tax will have their incomes topped up to reach that threshold.

The pilot report was submitted by Conservative ex-senator Hugh Segal, who suggested the project should be tested on three distinct sites: in the north, south and among the indigenous community of Ontario.

Areas with high levels of poverty and food insecurity should be chosen for the test project, Mr Segal recommended.

“It is in fact the precinct of rational people when looking to encourage work and community engagement and give people a floor beneath which they’re not allowed to fall,” he said.

Despite the defensive advantages which mountainous terrain gave to the Germans, after bitter fighting both places fell to the Canadian assault.

Even stiffer fighting was required as the Germans made a determined stand on the route to Agira.

A similar project was tested in Dauphin, Manitoba, between 19, with families below the poverty line receiving over ,000 (£1,757) a month.

Over 1,000 citizens were said to have benefited from the scheme.

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Piazza Armerina and Valguarnera fell on successive days, after which the Canadians were directed against the hill towns of Leonforte and Assoro.

Three successive attacks were beaten back before a fresh brigade, with overwhelming artillery and air support, succeeded in dislodging the enemy.

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