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The lecturers got some advantages of using this system such as giving an ability to the teachers in processing knowledge easily and better (Srichanyachon, N. A suggestion raised from a study result to add more courses that offer the use of mixed mode delivery, as there is a positive trend towards the acceptance of a mixed learning mode of instruction for learning.

This course’s mixed delivery mode benefit students by enabling more lecturer contact and work motivation. Considering that learning is a process of interaction between what is known and what is to be learned and learning is a social process (Pritchard, 2007), Bogor Agricultural University (Institut Pertanian Bogor or IPB) has its own Learning Management System (LMS) which is called as Lecture Management System where students and lecturers can communicate each other to have discussion outside the classroom.

Course size, instructor status and forum existence showed significant correlation with LMS use and course discipline had low correlation with satisfaction (Naveh, G., Tubin, D., & Pliskin, N. In Bangkok University, an LMS is used to support face-to-face English courses.

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