Dating guys who play video games bayonet dating

09-Aug-2015 19:53

I feel many women struggle with men who love video games a LOT.

I don’t know if David loves gaming, but for most women I know whose men love it, it is frequently a struggle for her in some way. I laughed so hard when you said he wants you to appreciate the “depth” and “heart” that some video games have (no disrespect to men and their love of video games, that’s just that I’m a woman and that just sounds so hilarious to me) lol, anyway –Years ago, David used to play video games a lot.

She was the girlfriend of a friend’s friend who joined us in some gaming matches.

All of us were skeptical but she was into it, even busted several of our asses in the matches but what it showed was how tight they seemed to be because she accepted video games as part of their lives. Generationally, the perception is changing but it’s harder to knock some sense in my generation.

It can be an extremely delicate subject for men, making them put up their defenses easily, so it’s not easy to deal with the issue. I feel it was his way of escaping from a job that he felt trapped in and that he hated.

Video games don’t dictate how a person is just as a person’s taste in music doesn’t dictate who they are.

If a man is immature and irresponsible—guess what—he was like that from the moment he was born.

But now I feel controlled and unappreciated, simply for not seeing gaming the way he and his buddies do.

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I am NOT his buddy, I am a woman and his lover and I have no interest in games. Should I try harder to share in and understand his hobbies, or am I wise in staying out of his masculine interests?(Click this link to take the quiz on “How Naturally Feminine Am I?

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