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These sessions can help Nebraskans stay up to date on the latest scams, be safe online and take action if they spot fraud.

Last year, more than 1,900 Nebraskans filed reports of identity theft with the Federal Trade Commission.

You’ll have access to interactive webinar hosted by hiring employers and be able to play online games that …

— Nebraskans who want to assess where they are in life and figure out what to do next are invited to schedule a free Life Reimagined Checkup for a community group.

“Joy Unleashed: Lessons a Dog Taught an Unemployed Baby Boomer” will feature the inspiring true-life story of a dog named Bella who helped her owner, Jean Baur, find a sense of belonging and confidence after being downsized by her job. Registration for the Online Family Caregiving Fair HERE Peete, who is best known for her roles on 21 Jump Street and Hanging’ with Mr.

Cooper, simultaneously cared for a father with Parkinson’s disease and a son with autism.

Some travelers believed that the rock spire may have been upwards of 30 feet higher than its current height, suggesting that wind, erosion, or a lightning strike had caused the top part of the spire to break off.

Throughout the ages, the rock spire has continued to capture the imaginations and the romantic fascinations of travelers heading west.

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For many, the geological marker was an optical illusion.To schedule a presentation, email [email protected] call 866-389-5651 …— The holidays aren’t always the happiest time of year – especially if you’re dealing with the stress of being a family caregiver.— Nebraskans age 18-plus believe that it is important to strengthen consumer protection laws to prohibit excessive annual interest rates for payday loans, according to a new AARP statewide survey of 950 Nebraska residents.

Additionally, Nebraskans believe that the very high annual percentage rates payday lenders in the state can charge consumers should be capped or limited.The plot of land that the State owns provides a buffer zone to protect the historic landmark from modern encroachment.

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