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I was so messed up, but I thought, "God, if it's that good in the writing, can you imagine how good it will be when it comes to life?We're surrounded by luxury, but Barrymore isn't interested - she's spotted my old-fashioned Dictaphone, and she is thrilled. Her clothes, like her manner, radiate ease, but on closer inspection this apparently thrown-on outfit is meticulously put-together designer. Barrymore may cultivate an easy-going, surfer-chick image but this belies an acute attention to detail, an unexpected degree of control at work in all she does.'I will never talk about what we do or don't do,' she says firmly.'I'm now in that place where I'm like, "It's not your f-ing business."' It's a change in behaviour for the actress.Barrymore graduated to cocaine binges at 12, entered rehab at 13 and attempted suicide at 14 by slashing her wrists.'I just wanted attention and sympathy,' Barrymore has said.'You're, like, "Can I f-ing f- up or have an embarrassing moment or do anything in f-ing private?

'There were moments when I experienced tremendous pain with everything being so known,' says Barrymore.

Everyone goes to a point when they do stuff excessively,' she says. Some of them fall into the rabbit-hole - I just got mine out of the way early.' Incredibly early.

By the age of 16 Drew Barrymore was washed up, yet another child actress who had failed to live up to her potential.

She has been engaged three times, to the producer Leland Hayward at 16, the actor Jamie Walters and the musician Fabrizio Moretti, and married twice - once for nine weeks to a Welsh barman named Jeremy Thomas and once for five months to the comedian Tom Green.

'In my twenties I did want the fairytale,' says Barrymore today.If you're a 16-year-old and in high school and it doesn't work out with the guy, and everyone's talking about it in the hallways, it's the same feeling.