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23-Feb-2016 10:13

We're surrounded by Halal outlets at almost every nook and cranny of Singapore but it certainly was difficult trying to figure out which restaurants would make it into our list of 20 Best Halal Restaurants in Singapore.This list of restaurants has got me drooling just thinking about them. If you've not had your lunch or dinner, reading this article might just make your stomach pangs worse.We don't have Halal Subway in Singapore but we do have... I was super impressed with the beef sandwiches at Yellow Submarine because they were incredibly juicy and the meat was super tender.

If you can't handle your spice then I suggest you don't try the sambal..you can YOLO and eat a spoonful.and I've consistently heard that their Fish & Chips is the best.I remember growing up and watching Chef Wan's talkshow on a little television in my parent's bedroom.They have only one outlet so far and there's a limited seating space so you can expect a long queue on weekends. But, the desserts look heavenly and I've been craving for their rainbow crepes and cake since forever.

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Friends have been spamming Instagram with pictures of their food from I Am...

This is coming from someone who absolutely HATES buffets because I just can't stomach enough to make it all worth my money.