Internet dating murder

16-Nov-2015 16:25

In 2010, according to KCBD, Pennington’s two sons found their mother dead.She only had her socks on, and there was something tied around her neck.Reports say that night, Pegram never made it home after the date.After a lengthy police investigation, according to CBS News, authorities found blood in Bonilla’s trunk and the body of Pegram in a wooded area.

It was through the dating service, combined with the popular app Kik, that investigators figured out the mother of three was connecting with 30-year-old Edward Bonilla.Reports say her body was wrapped in a tarp and she was “.” Q13 said that, after her date with Harris, the two left a local bar together in Washington state and headed back to his house.It was there where investigators believe Harris allegedly beat White to death before wrapping her body in a tarp and rolling her down a hill.A man and his friend knifed a woman, 33 at the dating with a kitchen knife in Kryvyi Rih. Police officers immediately began to interrogate relatives and acquaintances of injured. Under the pressure of evidence, he admitted that the killing was his work, and accomplice, 31 assisted him.

On August 16 anxious parents of woman applied to the police and reported that her daughter had not been contacting them for a few days already.

Police found all stolen things of the deceased in the apartment of one of the detainees.