Intimidating names for dogs

02-Apr-2016 16:36

You are spot on with your comment about ignorant breeders - sadly, they are still doing this and it probably will never stop.

Hopefully one day non owners, and the ignorant people who know absolutely nothing about the breed but continue to bad mouth it, will realize that it's not the dog it is the person raising him/her.

Of course that is what they were originally bred for - a companion dog to serve and protect it's family. Hera Aphrodite(afro-dit-e) Athena Bellona Diana Freya Gaia Helios Iris Isis Juturna Kirshna Liza Luna Maia Min Mercury Nanna Ostara Phoebe Quetzalcoatl Rhea Shiva Sin Tianhou Utu Vesta Xipe Ymir Zea :// I got most from there He is a very cute dog but is so funny. He watches tv with us and his girlfriends name is princess but she passed is a tan dog with white going down his chest and his ears are clipped.

He is a dog you will love and you would he runs in the house he runs in the wall. I am going to get another one but name it [ blue bully].

I've had pit bulls for years and they are by far the best dogs for a family.

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