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During the 1930s, '40s, and early '50s, the stage at Ellis Auditorium was graced by the greatest local and national touring musical acts of the period including W. Handy, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Cab Calloway, and certainly many, many others.

In 1957, this Knabe grand piano was sold during a remodeling project at the Ellis.

These ideals have been sustained and imbedded in the Knabe piano to this day through all of more than eighty two years since the first instrument bearing the name appeared in Baltimore. Seidel, came into practical control of the rapidly expanding industry. It has had a notable share in the development of musical intelligence and culture in the United States .

In the succession of practical workers in the factories of Wm. has been generations of experts, descendants of the original workmen and members of the Knabe family. Branch houses were opened in several cities, including New York and Washington. Armstrong, a man of long experience and tried ability in connection with the piano industry, in its various departments was made president. The Knabe dates back to 1837 when William Knabe founded the business in the city of Baltimore, where he had been working in various factories since his arrival in this country in 1832.

Knabe pianos have an artistic record dating back to the year 183, when the instrument was founded by the late Wm. His earlier knowledge had been acquired in the famous factories of Germany. During its celebrated career 115 years, it has always been identified with the high est.

Re was a man of great mechanical ability and possessed of ideals which mark the man of genius. Paynter who had long been manager of the Washington and New York branches of the house, was elected vice-president and general manager. Paynter was advanced to the presidency of this distinguished and time-honored institution. Paynter had been connected with the house since 1899. standards of manufacture, as well as by its close association with the artistic world.

Knabe exhibited grand, upright and square pianos at the Philadelphia Exhibition in 1876.

This piano has a compass of AAA-a4, felt hammers, first 11 strings are single and the rest double, tuning pins at rear, 2 pedals: una corda and dampers, iron frame, and a mahogany case.

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Ellis, and the market stalls were eventually dropped.

With the original white vinyl-cushioned bench on gold-colored metal legs as selected by Elvis to accompany the piano to his new home at Graceland.

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