Lil mama dating

05-Mar-2015 01:11

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Now, I’m not saying he can’t date outside his race, what I’m saying, once he became a huge name, I’ve only seen him date outside his race.

Its refreshing to see him move to his own race but Lil Mama, I am definitely on the fence with her.

The former chart-topper took a lengthy hiatus from rap to focus on her other passion: dancing.

With the release of her safe-sex ode “Sausage,” her first attention-grabbing single in about five years, she’s matured and giving millennials some sage advice.FYI, according to Urban Dictionary “mce” could easily translate to “my crush everyday” OR “masturbation chronic ejaculation.” So let’s just stick with the first option…Several fans are obviously intrigued, and despite overall support, some comments are rather harsh: cherryxonoir: “Can I say #relationshipgoals yet?Others called her out for going overboard, saying she used “any and everything that’s been trending on black Twitter.” Watch Lil Mama’s “Sausage” Video The divide makes you wonder if another female rapper was to have delivered the same effort would fans be this harsh.

No, she’s not selling sex and wearing cleavage-baring clothing, but neither are female artists like Tink, Angel Haze, Rhapsody or Sia.

It becomes clear through the positive message on “Sausage” that the “VYP” has been resurrected.