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It revolves around an upper-middle class Seattle family whose seemingly perfect, yet humdrum existence is threatened, when their teenage daughter begins dating an attractive and mysterious young man, much to her father's chagrin. It has since developed a reputation as a cult film, while at the same time launching teen idol status for its two young leads, who were romantically linked at the time of the film's premiere.Although Fear was largely derided by critics upon its theatrical release, it became a marginal sleeper hit in the spring of 1996, grossing million at the U. Wahlberg was nominated for the MTV Movie Award for Best Villain.Nicole ends things with David, leaving him crushed, but her father's now-intense opposition to David paradoxically drives her to accept David's apologies.Steven suspiciously checks into David's background and learns that David spent his early life with various foster families, until getting arrested or institutionalized.

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The next day at school, David tries to surprise Nicole, only to be pushed away by her, and also by Gary.

One day, David scares Nicole by assaulting her friend Gary Rohmer (Todd Caldecott) upon seeing them hug each other.

He shoves Nicole to the ground when she tries to stop him, giving her a black eye.

David becomes obsessed with Nicole, tattooing his own chest with the words "Nicole 4 Eva". Nicole goes with Toby and Laura to the mall; they invite Gary along, but he has to get home.

As Gary walks alone through the woods, David kills him by breaking his neck.

Nicole also ends her friendship with Margo, despite Margo saying that David took advantage of her while she was high against her will and her pleas for forgiveness.