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19-Feb-2015 09:58

Metro City Dating can help you find that special someone who fits to your specific wants and needs.Log in today and create your profile within minutes.It’s the age we are living in and we need to learn to use this as a tool and advantage, not as a distraction or “perfect person finder”. It's been revealed that couples who meet through online dating are 25% less likely to seperate than couples who meet through more traditional means.If you recently became single or just looking to meet new people then why not give Metro City Dating a try.You can browse our members online, search by sexual preference, age, nationality, hobbies and more.

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6 relative dating principles

In Modern Romance, Aziz, along with Sociologists, conducted studies to better understand if dating websites and apps like and Tinder were actually working.

Officials with the Senate Homeland Security’s Subcommittee on Investigations...

Disgusted Uber customers are deleting the ride-sharing app in droves after learning that the company defied Saturday’s taxi strike at JFK Airport, which was aimed at protesting Trump’s newest controversial...

“Search local Singles in your city.”You will have the opportunity of searching singles in your surrounding community.

Find that unique individual who can help bring out what you've waited a lifetime to share with that special someone.

The impact is most powerful in a marriage relationship, and a good union should be founded upon a shared purpose in life and the capacity to help each other to grow. Some say you recognize this someone with such an intense and immediate sense of intimacy that the connection is very powerful.

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