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The meditation will actually then produce fast results instead of endless overwhelm due to nothing happening." —Stephane Hemon Chapters: 01 Force-Close It 02 Church Confession Booth 03 Social Dancefloor 04 The Replacement 05 The NSA of Dating 06 Please and Appease 07 Solutionless Unsolvables 08 Amnesiac Innocence 09 The Balms of Anger & Pride 10 Pandora's Box 11 The Less Passionate 12 Some Kind of Angelic Being 13 A PTSD Machine 14 The Apology Master 15 A Secret Coded Silent Psychic Language 16 A Brand of Imperfection 17 The Fleshy Existence Dream 18 Allowing vs Plowing 19 The PUA Food Chain 20 Shooting Messengers 21 Cement Brain Topics include: Two never-before-shared dating and pickup techniques, brain scans (stories about what happened), and a new supplement discovery that changes everything.

When you fall apart for a woman and start loving her up, showering her with compliments, and going ga-ga over her, while this is clearly a step up from usual guy game (most losers don't share their intention with the woman, they keep things secret until the creepiness fully sets in), it's still a step down from stoicism and self-control, and thus from your being able to show her that you are, above all else, a protector of women.Sample: These are OK, but there's an embedded key critical error that you're making, so whatever 'good lines' you come up with won't really work all that well due to said error.The error is that you're coming from the paradigm that your cup is empty and you'd like her to fill it, because if she fills it, you'll then feel, of course, good about yourself and happy on that basis.Zen masters traditionally made their monks go out and do things like gardening or brewing beer. Well, it's what the human being is supposed to be doing if it wasn't so full of itself, i.e., service to life. Instead of pretending to be cool and pretending to be interesting and pretending to have a great life so that girls will drop panties, savoir vivre makes these things a reality.

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