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30-Dec-2015 05:28

I can’t imagine a 75-year-old women looking back on her marriage and reflecting that she might have been happier had her husband just been one inch taller.Or a 75 year-old man looking at the mother of his children and thinking that if she had only been curvy, instead of just plump, his life with her would have been so much better.His comment was, “I could have been a doctor by now!” To which I responded, “Good bye.”No one likes to be deceived by a person with whom you hope to one day develop a trusting relationship.Women appeared to used this form of deception more than did men.(I personally suspect, though, that this gender difference has less to do with male versus female deception and more to do with how much make-up a woman wears in the middle of the day to a lab experiment compared to when out for a date.)They also found that the less attractive a person was the more likely they were to have lied about objective measures of physical attractiveness such as height and weight.If people “revise” their profile over time in the hope of attracting more attention then, in the data, it will look like less attractive people are more deceptive.

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Men make themselves a little taller (by about 1”) and women make themselves a little thinner (by about 8 pounds).

Eighteen year-olds do not post five year old pictures while a fifty year old might.

I am not sure why the researchers didn’t control for age in their regressions.

This raises a more general issue and that is the underlying assumption that men and women are good at assessing their place on the market in terms of physical attractiveness.

I have said this before, but I always think that researchers need to control for how long a person has been trying to find a mate online.

I raise this issue because the strongest results in the paper are the ones measuring photographic self-deception, where people have posted pictures of themselves in which they appear significantly more attractive than they do in everyday life.

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