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The Early Bronze Age installation and the revealed bedrock, together with information gleaned from the limited extension of the 2014 excavation squares, shed light on the nature of Early Bronze Age occupation on the western part of the site, and the interesting Iron Age and imported Roman pottery contained in the debris signify that remains from these periods are probably located nearby. Figure 7 Restorable Iron Age pottery excavated in Area Sd. Excavations in Area Sd revealed a large building just under the surface in the two westernmost squares located close to the edge of a promontory above the ancient path excavated in 2014 that leads down to the spring (Figure 6).Figure 6 Roman-Byzantine period building in Area Sd. This broadroom structure was constructed directly on top of the basalt flow and incorporated this basalt ‘bedrock’ in its foundations. Three squares opened to the east of the building were excavated quickly down to basalt ‘bedrock’ and no architecture was revealed.The Jezreel Expedition is an American Schools of Oriental Research Affiliated Field Project and a Register of Professional Archaeologists Certified Archaeological Field School.We are most grateful to the members of Kibbutz Yizre’el for their assistance with many aspects of the expedition, genuine enthusiasm for the project, and truly exceptional hospitality.The adjacent and southernmost square was excavated down to bedrock in its northwest quadrant and revealed interesting geological features that deserve further investigation. The second trench in Area Sa reached a depth of two meters with no sign of occupation. Figure 12 Jezreel Expedition consortium member institutions. The Jezreel Expedition benefits from the generosity of a number of individuals and organizations.

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