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After five years, concerned about his health, he returned to Dorset, settling in Weymouth, and decided to dedicate himself to writing.In 1870, while on an architectural mission to restore the parish church of St Juliot in Cornwall, In 1885 Thomas and his wife moved into Max Gate, a house designed by Hardy and built by his brother.Although they later became estranged, Emma's subsequent death in 1912 had a traumatic effect on him and after her death, Hardy made a trip to Cornwall to revisit places linked with their courtship; his Poems 1912–13 reflect upon her death.In 1914, Hardy married his secretary Florence Emily Dugdale, who was 39 years his junior.In the mid-1860s, Hardy was in charge of the excavation of part of the graveyard of St Pancras Old Church prior to its destruction when the Midland Railway was extended to a new terminus at St Pancras.Hardy never felt at home in London, because he was acutely conscious of class divisions and his social inferiority.During this time he became interested in social reform and the works of John Stuart Mill.He was also introduced by his Dorset friend Horace Moule to the works of Charles Fourier and Auguste Comte.

So Hardy followed his advice and he did not try further to publish it.

In the year of his death Mrs Hardy published The Early Life of Thomas Hardy, 1841–1891, compiled largely from contemporary notes, letters, diaries, and biographical memoranda, as well as from oral information in conversations extending over many years.