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The crew, awakened by the noise and heat of the fire, jumped overboard and swam ashore to Snake Island where their signals were seen by SS Maitland, which took them on to Port Albert. Was trading between Port Albert, Toora and Foster, Gippsland, when destroyed by fire at Bentleys Harbour, 3 February 1889. Rivalry between the many shipping companies intensified as they fought, through advertisements extolling the virtues of their speedy and comfortable ships, for the lucrative new emigration trade. No doubt risks were taken with the aim of turning a quick profit, and no doubt ships were lost. Known to have operated in Victorian waters in the 1890s. With the discovery of gold in 1851, Melbourne soon became a major entry point to Australia. By the end of the year and the following year, the demand for passage to Australia rose considerably. With respect to shipping losses, Victoria can be considered in three parts - Port Phillip and its entrance, and Westernport, in the middle of the state; the rich pastures of Gippsland to the east, and the beautiful rugged coastline of the Great Oceans Road to the west.

Finally, around June 1840 a quantity of wreckage was found on the beach near Cape Schanck, on the Victorian coast, including some gold-lettered drawers, part of fittings for a chemists shop in Melbourne which had been consigned on board the Agnes. The Port Phillip district of New South Wales was declared a separate colony and named Victoria, on 1 July 1851. Wrecked at Tarwin, Gippsland coast, 8 December 1934. [LG],[ASR - 28 tons, wrecked Cape Liptrap, 30 November 1934],[LV] Ada. Disappeared from Australian Shipping Register after 1915. Melbourne grew into a vibrant metropolis, and trade between Melbourne and Sydney prospered. Sailed from Sydney 11 December 1809, for New Zealand sealing grounds, landing a aprty of sealers on the west coast. The loss of the vessel saw not only a Court of marine Inquiry, but also civil action against owners Huddard Parker, by the wife of the second engineer, lost in the disaster. [LPA],[LC],[LAH],[LG - has incorrect date of wrecking, 1892],[LV - refers to Richard (Ponting) as well as Robert],[#NH],[ASR],[DG] Alexander. Ashore at Apollo Bay, Victoria, during an easterly and broke up, 3 November 1883.

The ladies sheltered him as best they could with their cloaks and umbrellas until a m,an and his St. The dog nestled close to Ponting and kept him warm while further assistance was sought. Noted shipwreck historian Jack Loney lived on the west coast and later at Portarlington in Port Phillip, and most of his work was on the wrecks off the Victorian coast: three main publications are used as a base here, [LV], [LG], [LO], with several other monographs on individual wrecks and regions.