Stop xsplit from updating

31-Mar-2016 16:53

2.0.8 for Windows 32/64 bit(In Google Docs, hit "Download Original" or CTRL S to download all files as a zip file).

After downloading, make sure you have all files (1 exe, 5 dll's and a zip file with 68 png's).

Why should you use it: You won’t have to think about switching scenes manually. 2.0.7 (April 9th 2013)- Added support for KR clientv.

You won't forget and your viewers will be more happy! 2.0.6 (October 10th 2012)- Added support for Ho TS Betav.

Dear TL-community, I present to you: "Auto Scene Change" for XSplit with support for Starcraft 2 and League of Legends.

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Remember this is my first GUI program that I made so please if there is any bug or glitches please let me know here or my email down below.

1.5.1 (Jan 26th 2012)- Improved recognition of the clock (still working on this one)v.

1.5 (Jan 14th 2012)- Added option: Bring SC2 on top of other windows if you have queued up for a game- Added option: Auto open "Player's name overlay" (Ctrl N) and "Production tab" (or any other tab).

Instructions for "Dual Computer Mode"There's no traditional installation as such, just unzip anywhere.

There are seven files, one of them is the executable (the other six are support files for the app).

I’ve made a free app that can auto-switch (between two scenes in XSplit) when you go ingame and when return to the menus.

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