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(Benjamin, by the way, is a remarkable Renaissance figure.A classical music composer, he worked for the United Nations from 1983 to 1988, and in 1983 composed the official UNESCO hymn.How long it will hold up, especially if war does break out, is an open question. Respected Italian journalist Sandro Magister, for example, voiced the discomfort some conservative Catholics felt over Cardinal Roger Etchegarays peace mission to Baghdad in a mid-February analysis.Reflecting on an interview Etchegaray gave upon his return, Magister complained of an incomprehensible and deafening silence on Husseins brutality to his own people.When an American says it, with a different motive, its different. From the point of view of church politics, its remarkable how John Pauls anti-war line has, at least outside the United States, produced clear public unanimity across the spectrum of Catholic opinion.In Europe, even traditionally conservative, pro-Western voices are joining the anti-war chorus.The president and people of Iraq appreciate the clear position of the Holy See in rejecting the logic of war and in saying straightforwardly that this war is immoral. If the Christian countries of Europe participate in a war of aggression, it will be interpreted as a crusade against the Arab world and Islam, he said.

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To remind the world that Iraq is a lay republic, with a Christian minister, he said.

We do not burn American flags were not seeking the utopia of a society so perfect that it would be useless for us to be good.