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17-Aug-2015 14:08

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In an interview with the New York Daily News, Mills contested the police account of events, saying that he signed up for the 5K to 'politely' ask Soto's family a question about whether a picture of Soto sitting on a rock at the beach had been photo-shopped. There are shootings all the time with no conspiracies related to them.

But this conspiracy about the photo has really caught on online.

Truther: Matthew Mills, 32, was arrested on Saturday after crashing a charity race in memory of a Sandy Hook victim to confront her grieving family with a conspiracy theory about the mass shooting which killed 26Vicki Soto was 27 years old in December 2012 when crazed gunman Adam Lanza invaded the Sandy Hook Elementary school and targeted her first-grade classroom.

Soto has become a hero of the day in accounts from witnesses, who say she gave her life trying to keep Lanza from her classroom.

“My mom’s called me a radical, my dad’s called me a conspiracy theorist, none of my friends even know what I’m talking about.” Dancing Dark and I talk via Skype, but I can’t see her because she has taped-off the camera on her computer.Global warming is fabricated by the government—“geoengineering above our heads.” Why?“Possibly to push carbon taxes.” The only attractions in the village where Dancing Dark runs a one-woman aromatherapy cleaning business are the weekend rodeo and the local Tim Hortons.Providing these millions of people the opportunity meet, network, and locate love.- truther dating site AWAKE DATING Using technologically advanced social software and security, Awake Dating offers members a chance to customize their profile and wall with photos, videos and links-much just like the largest social network platforms.

Members can easily seek out a person to chat, video chat or meet, through the use of advanced search options that calculate distance, and refine by members interests-to give you a custom match.“I lost a lot of friends,” she tells me amidst tears.

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Series IV: Political correspondence, 1794-1858, including letters, 1794-1798, from John Taylor to Henry Tazewell concerning national and Virginia politics, including the presidential election of 1796; letters, 1831-1834, from John Floyd to Littleton Waller Tazewell regarding national and Virginia politics, Andrew Jackson, and whether Tazewell will run for governor; letters, 1789-1830, from St. George Tucker, and Beverley Tucker to Henry Tazewell and Littleton Waller Tazewell concerning national and Virginia politics; letters, 1841-1846, from Francis H. Tazewell regarding the Virginia Military Institute; letters, 1832-1858, from John M.… continue reading »

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