Updating emule

17-Jun-2015 19:13

The advanced search feature has been upgraded and according to Slyck, should give you more “specific” results.

I tend to find what I’m looking for, but hey, if this little improvement can rid search results of irrelevant files it can’t be bad.

As of July 2002 e Mule has been free software, released under the GNU General Public License; its popularity has led to e Mule's codebase being used as the basis of a Linux-specific client, x Mule, and a multiplatform client, a Mule, along with the release of many e Mule mods (modifications of the original e Mule) on the Internet.

e Mule Features e Mule is one of the biggest and most reliable peer-to-peer file sharing clients around the world.

The name "e Mule" comes from an animal called "Mule" which is somehow similar to a donkey ;) e Mule is not updated regularly, but at the moment the frequencies are between 1 and 3 months. :) Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information.

That feature and the improved search should guarantee that more quality files are exchanged.