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05-May-2015 18:02

If you don't do this, the destructor of the session object will block while the trackers are contacted.If you keep one to the session when destructing it, the destructor will not block, but start to close down the session, the destructor of the proxy will then synchronize the threads.If the torrent is not auto managed, you have to call set_upload_mode() to turn downloading back on again.session(fingerprint const& print = libtorrent::fingerprint("LT", 0, 1, 0, 0) , int flags = start_default_features | add_default_plugins , int alert_mask = alert::error_notification); session(fingerprint const& print , std::pair If the fingerprint in the first overload is omited, the client will get a default fingerprint stating the version of libtorrent.A torrent is inactive if it is paused or if the session is paused.In case you want to destruct the session asynchrounously, you can request a session destruction proxy.The fingerprint is a short string that will be used in the peer-id to identify the client and the client's version. The constructor that only takes a fingerprint will not open a listen port for the session, to get it running you'll have to call .The other constructor, that takes a port range and an interface as well as the fingerprint will automatically try to listen on a port on the given interface.

If a tracker returns a tracker ID, that ID is used instead of this. If another torrent is already running with the same UUID as the one being added, it will be considered a duplicate.

This is mainly useful for RSS feed items which has UUIDs specified.