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So I have an idea, because i find it hard to make a code for txtbox that will only allow integer and not a letters in mysql using c#.

My Plan is why not set the database column into integer instead of typical varchar and if ever you put a letter of course it will turn and exception so in that case I want to catch the exception and prompt a messagebox saying "Please enter only integer". You don't need to duplicate tags in title (especially in form of question "I'm using C#? Side note: your actual question seems to be "how to validate if string is integer to store in DB"... You can ensure easily that user is entering a Numeric Field .

A range of subscription packages offers 24/7 access to our online data banks of international education systems and qualifications, plus online support.Rodakis then discovered similar and widespread experiences among other autistic parents."I was determined to understand what was happening in the hope of helping both my son and millions of other children with autism," he wrote.Rodakis discovered that the 1999 study had been inspired by a then-fringe hypothesis that the microbiome might play a role in autism, but even as of a few years ago little research had attempted to test the hypothesis.After this experience, Rodakis conducted a literature review in search of research on a connection between autism and antibiotics but found only a single article.

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That article told of a 1999 study at Chicago Rush Children's hospital and also reported improvement in autistic children on antibiotics.

Right click on the compare validator and choose properties , now locate Error Message and write "Alert : Type only Number" . In the Operator choose Data Type Check and in the Type choose Integer.

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