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Com is here to tell you — After all, you’re not perfect, the matching algorithm isn’t perfect — so where does that leave online dating? If you’re looking for humorous relief from the online dating world, it’s time to check out Rom. See what happens when Tobias finds out his own brother wants to marry his Ex.! Thank you to all the actors who sent in their self tests. Serena was our MC host at our Premiere of NEXT...series 1 at Kindred film studios and makes her acting debut in series 2. You will both be absolutely great as the duo celebrants. EP 11 Date 10 “Booty Calls” from partygirlplusone on Vimeo.

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O’Brien says the inspiration for the series came from “the fundamental ways men and women communicate — they just don’t get each other.”Luckily, Rom. If you think that you’re a great catch but all those online daters are just so sketchy, Rom.We find that despite the web service’s high number of subscribers, their clients aren’t too happy with the “science” of the match-making process.As one subscriber states in her interview:“Is there a site for just decent, clean people?…”Season Two opens with a new competitor — the super hip founder of Kindlin, whose app is fast gaining on Findlove.net’s market share.

The popularity and superficiality of Kindlin — which coincidentally offers “hot or not” matching based on who’s closest to you at the bar — has taken the online dating world by storm, surpassing Findlove.net’s traditional, scientific approach.The series follows a group of employees of the dating website Findlove.net, who are clueless about dating themselves — but still manage to stick to their idealistic views about the “science” of matching people together online.