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15-Nov-2016 10:55

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Utilities: When I switched the electric and water utilities to my name in North Carolina, the city ran a credit check on me to determine whether I was a reliable tenant.

If I hadn’t had a good score, I would have had to put down a 0 deposit in order to sign up.

And we owe our first serious take at budgeting to good ol’ Dave.

Anyone who has read any of Dave Ramsey’s books knows how he feels about credit cards.

God and life are going to take you in so many different directions.

The Dave Ramsey Show is about real life and how it revolves around money.

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Up until that point, Johnny and I had always been careful with our spending, but we’d never tracked specifically where every dollar went. This is also when the phrase “our freaking budget” was born. Tracking our every expenditure was such a pain, and it was really cramping my style — literally. 21): Jon Acuff launched a new personal blog today, a month after his surprising resignation from the Dave Ramsey team.Ramsey still has control of the writer's former sites, and Stuff Christians Like.Better Credit Cards: When we have shown credit card companies that we’re reliable, inevitably better credit cards become available to us, which leads me to my final reason: rewards. We had fun tallying up points on that card, even though the rewards were pretty miniscule.

We got a few gift cards to Macaroni Grill, which ended up being some of the only occasions we stepped into a sit-down restaurant.

Acuff gave no specific reasons for the decision, other than to say on Facebook it was not related to a moral mishap or another opportunity. Acuff, whose bestselling books encourage people to pursue their dream jobs, suddenly left his own dream job, which he described as the "three greatest years of [his] professional life." All links to Acuff's website, including his popular Stuff Christians Like blog series, directed to a page on Ramsey's site announcing his resignation.