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Home About Us Blog Genealogy Recipes Gardening Manners and Etiquette Real Estate Destinations History Art Hunting and Fishing Photojournalism Southern Furniture Maker Inspiration Write Life Opinion Contact- JORDANS. ) John and his family at last found peace at Bush River near present day Newberry, South Carolina until the advent of the Revolutionary War. Notes for THE JORDANS: OTE: In Salisbury, England, one of the Deans on the list at Old Sarum Catheral is 'Jordan ' , t h e year of 1176. 1636, & by will given to his eldest sonn Chr.,&hisheirs forever who bequeath e d t o sd . When the Revolution came, John apparently was fed up with being a pacifist. Our ancestor, John Wright, was at the famous Battle of The Cowpens where an American army made up of rough frontiermen defeated an Army of elite British regulars under the command of Banastre Tarleton to win the first vistory against Lord Cornwallis' army. Before his return, our antecedent was re-baptized in the river Jordan to cancel out his pre v i o us life and to lustrate himself from the ten year contact with death. In 1755, the French in Canada who had been gradually developing their plans of spreading down the Ohio and Mississippi valleys behind the English colonies allied themselves with disgruntled Indians who had been cheated out of their land by unscrupulous colonists, causing ... During this time families were scalped within 50 miles of Philadelphia, and in one instance the bodies of a murdered family were brought into the town and exhibited in the streets to show the inhabitants how near the danger was approaching. There was scant records on him in the Quaker records. Their house was left standing, but all of the live stock and most of their household goods were lost. On 2-4-1764, Isaac Wright is "disowned." Reason not given On 4-8-1766, James WRIGHT, s/o Isaac and Sidney WRIGHT, is admitted to Membership Hopewell MM. It seems plausible to assume that Isaac and Sydney had marital problems; Isaac was blamed and was disowned. Sidney appeals to the Church Fathers for custody The fact that his death was not reported by his family suggests complete alienation. He was given the na m e " I ordanus", whichhetookbackto Abruzzo. " "The Virginia settlers were suffering in the same way. Hopewell MM records list him as a s/o James & Mary WRIGHT b 1723 Chester Co., PA. On 1-4-1771, Sidney WRIGHT "asks for her son Solomon." The meaning is not clear. VA 4-4-1773: "Be it ordered that the church warders of Fredrick parish do bind Solomon WRIGHT, s/o Isaac WRIGHT,unto Abel WALKER until he comes of age, who is to teach him to read and write and cypher and teach him the trade of a cooper. If Isaac was not active in church affairs, Sidney more than makes up for it. The census of 1624-25 shows he was 24 y ear s old and came over on the 'Diana'. 1585, Weymouth, Dorset, County of Dorsetshire, England; d. Mary's Church at Truro, Countyof Cornwall, Engla n d f o r 26 years. James Wright served the area as a journeying minister. In 1635 Thomas received a land grant of 900 acre s in Isle of Wight "near the head of the Pagan River on the Western side of an old Indian Town." Notes for AGNES BURTE: Children of THOMAS JORDAINE and AGNES BURTE are: , son of JOSEPH FITZPEN. October 31, 1650, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts; m. Event: General Information Note: Phippen was also Master of the Truro Grammar School from1621to1635. [end quote] ___________________________________________________ Taxed from 1718 to 1726 in East Nottingham, Chester Co., PA. About 1725 he moved to Cold Spring or Valley of Monocacy, Prince Georges County, Maryland. Hence the adoption by his descendants, the De Exete r s , o f the name Jordan, in memory of their ancestor's remarkable prowess on that occasion; and t he addition of the Cross, Crosslet, and Lion to their Arms, with the Motto-Percussus Resurg o -.. The Italian version: The JORDAN surname derives from a young noble from the city of Rave n n a , who at 18 years of age, enrolled in the Knights of the Tosson d'Or inder the command of Baron Marc Antonio Colonna di Ravezza. This land, once called 'Osceola', is believed to be very near the Hopewell Meeting House at Clearbrook." "In 1748, Josiah Ballinger's will was probated. She may be able to put you in touch with others who are researching you line of Thomas WRIGHT and Esther HIATT. Bristol, VA 24201 This is how my line runs: James & Mary DAVIS WRIGHT Isaac & Sydney ROGERS or HIATT Solomon b. (possible connection to this Solomon) Jonathan Wesley WRIGHT b 1801 Burke Co NC & Mary Jane BAILEY Aaron WRIGHT & Isabelle DEATON Elizabeth WRIGHT & Wm. 368 and 369 "Inventory and appraisal of the estate of Isaac WRIGHT, deceased, it being brought to our view by Jessee Faulkner Adm. Notes for MARTIN PALMER: Elizabeth Mallory, d/o Capt.

Probate: 1 March 1651 County Of Cornwall, England tes for WILLIAM PHIPPEN: Note: In early years, taking a new surname was common practice among the gentry. No Quaker or official document that I have examined, and I have tried to read them all, states this.

A copy to the pious and well - deserved m emoryof Owen Fitzpen alias Phippen, who travelled over many part softheworld and on 24 mar, 1 6 2 0 was taken by the Turkes and made Captive in Algier. One large frame, containing the Genealogy of the Phippen family. What became of the defaced copy, or of the original all efforts thus far h a v e fai led to discover. It shows that there were only"one paire of old walls, the ruins of a house, together with a little plot of ground behind the same," also that there was "only the street or highway between the east end of t h e churchyard and the parsonage lands "in other words, the ruins of the rectory house stood where the e Mission House now stands. Mary's Church, covered it with a stone and affixed t h e ret oa monumental brass this last being now on the east wall of St. It is i n t h e sh ape of a shield with an inscription and the coats of armsof Phippen, Jordan (his mother' s family) and Pye (his first wife's family). Ref: Broderbund's World Family Tree #6217, CD Vol 2.

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